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What Is Amazio?

Amazio is a platform that provides a single pane of glass(dashboard) for our clients & partners to manage their digital presence, social engagement and online reputation. In addition, Amazio provides insights and intelligence into your competition and competitors. At Amazio, our content experts provide customized marketing strategy, creative assistance and other related managed services. Our array of services also includes websites, mobile apps, promotional products etc. to empower your brand & your business.

Why Managed Services?

Come see what amazing reputation management can do for you.  Our managed services help you maintain a strong digital presence in today's digital world. We can help ensure your business is listed everywhere people are looking for it, complete with the right branding. From content creation to social engagement, reputation management to web development, we make it as easy as possible for your business to find, connect with, and retain customers.

Take control of your online brand across 100+ digital services.

Case Studies

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Comfort Inn Suites

51,818 Impressions 45,558 Reach 1,282 Engaged Comfort Inn Suites lacked reputation management before being introduced to Amazio. Countless reviews were being unresponded to and mismanaged. With the capabilities built within Amazio,Comfort Inn Suites now has instant access to reviews that come in from Google, and Yelp, and can respond within the system. Not only has […]

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Curve Hospitality

1,13,391 Impressions 55,296 Reach 5238 Engaged Curve Hospitality is based in Houston, TX, but serves hotels all across the country. One problem Curve had was maintaining their brand awareness across multiple social channels. Since launching their Amazio platform, engagement has increased by over 50% with social media community.

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Digital Tandem

892 Impressions 208 Reach 64 Engaged A technology company that was looking for branding assistance was able to meet those expectations shortly on. The first challenge Digital Tandem faced was finding their target market and who to deliever services to. Secondly, Digital Tandem needed a voice to help spread the word about their business. Due […]

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