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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I claim my Google Listing If it's owned by someone else?

Request access to the listing from the previous owner. Google will take you to a request form that you will need to fill out. After you fill out the form you will get an email. DO NOT DELETE THE EMAIL (you will need it later.) The current owner has 7 days to respond. (Do not contact GMB during this time, they won't be able to help before 7 days.) If the current owner gives you access within 7 days, you will become the primary owner and you can then remove them if you want to. If they deny you access or don’t respond in 7 days, open up the email you received and click “view request”. If they denied you access, click on the "appeal" button. If they didn’t respond, click the “verify” button. These buttons will allow you to verify the listing via postcard. Once you get the postcard and enter the pin, the other user will be "kicked out" and you will become the primary owner. Please call AMAZIO support if the issue is not resolved.

What is digital knowledge?

Digital knowledge consists of public facts about your business. Examples include the address, hours of operation, phone number, and drop-off points of brick-and-mortar business locations. Also included are the names, photos, credentials, locations, and office hours of professionals like doctors and insurance agents. Even more granularly, digital knowledge can include the availability, price, location, and ingredients of specific products as well as the date, time, location, and content of brand events. This knowledge changes as your business grows, services evolve, and as your customer expectations increase. At AMAZIO, our customers update millions of pieces of digital knowledge every month.

How can I sign up for AMAZIO and how much does it cost?

Our products and services are tailored to your business. Before advising on pricing structure, we need to better understand the needs of your business, which is why it’s best to connect with a AMAZIO representative. To explore a pricing structure for your business, you can request a consultation or call 972-351-4200.

Why is my business information incorrect online and how can I correct it?

Search engine algorithms curate results based on a diverse set of information types, which can often lead to duplicative and conflicting information online. A search engine’s algorithm delivers what it believes is the most accurate answer to the user based on its assessment of each source’s authority and reliability. There are a few ways to correct your digital knowledge, some of which are quicker than others. You can manually update information on each site by adding your business information to each individual publisher. You can also leverage a tool like AMAZIO. AMAZIO is just one solution that businesses can use to manage their data across the web, and going through us is not required. Our mission is to put businesses in control of their information everywhere it lives online and provide them with a central source of truth to update their information on search engines, directory sites, maps, apps, etc., in near real time. If you are already a AMAZIO customer and find some incorrect data about your business, contact your Account Manager, whose contact information can be found in your AMAZIO account.

What happens when I cancel my AMAZIO subscription?

AMAZIO does not hold your data hostage. Cancelling your AMAZIO subscription does not overwrite the updates you have already made through AMAZIO, and AMAZIO will not force your listings to revert. When you cancel your subscription, AMAZIO no longer sends your digital knowledge to the sites in the Knowledge Network. Afterwards, your digital knowledge becomes subject to the normal data compilation process of each publisher, which may result in your data and content changing over time.

How does a AMAZIO subscription and billing work?

Billing works differently based on the type of subscription you have. This information should be available in your AMAZIO account, under Billing section. If you have any questions, contact your account manager or email info@amazio.com